Full Nelson

#123 Full Nelson

Rat City Rollergirl

Don’t be afraid to do things instead of just wishing you could do them

Derby History: Started with PFM summer 2010 after watching Rat City champs, got picked up to the very first rat lab in September 2010, got picked up to DLF May 2011. Skated my first season at the Key with DLF in 2012, got picked up to AST in 2012, skated with DLF and AST in 2013

Birthdate: July

Position: Blocker and jammer

Injuries: Bumps and bruises

Awards: MVP (a few times), AST rookie of the year 2012, rat city most improved 2012, DLF MVP 2013, DLF most motivational 2013

Hometown: Vancouver, Wa

Profession: Graduate student

Previous Sports: Dance Team in high school. Snowboarding, rock climbing, biking

Favorite Movie: I don’t have a favorite but I really like The Notebook

Get Pumped-Up Song: Ummmm…music isn’t an important part of my life