Lucinda Pack

#505 Lucinda Pack

Rat City Rollergirl

More Than Meets the Black Eye.

Derby History: I found out my co-worker was Grim Chi from Grave Danger. That was a Thursday. I bought my skates the very next day and went to my first PFM that Sunday. Six months later Kitty Kamikaze called me and I joined the Revolution!

Birthdate: March 26th

Position: Anywhere my team needs me! Put me in Coach!!

Injuries: Meh, nothing too serious. I couldn’t feel part of my lower leg the side of my right foot for a while but who cares

Awards: MVP Heartless Heathers (and Friends) v Santa Cruz 2011

Hometown: Tukwila, WA

Profession: Electrical Engineer

Previous Sports: Gymnastics, Competitive Cheerleading

Favorite Movie: Real Genius

Get Pumped-Up Song: Doomsday by Nero/Bass Cannon by Flux Pavilion