Ophelia Melons

#88 Ophelia Melons

Rat City Rollergirl

If it’s funny enough, I’ll do it

Derby History: Los Angeles Derby Dolls: Referee/NSO with LADD Enforcers, 2009-2010
Emerald City Roller Girls: Church of Sk8in & All Star Team, 2010-2011
Rat City Rollergirls: Derby Liberation Front & All Star Program, 2011-Current

Birthdate: February 15th

Position: Blocker – Generally demoralizing the opposing jammer within the boundaries of the rules and in the most sportsman-like manner possible

Injuries: Complete ACL tear/surgery/rehabilitation March-November 2013 and an occasional bruised ego

Awards: Most Awesome! No, seriously, I have a trophy and everything!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Profession: Breakfast Food Connoisseur. Customer Service. Bouncer. Rat City Interleague Coordinator

Previous Sports: 14 years of highly competitive soccer