Slamburger Patty

#125 Slamburger Patty

Rat City Rollergirl

More Than Meets the Black Eye.

Derby History: My roller skating career started on cracked sidewalks and dingy roller rinks in my Indiana hometown of Cheesetown, USA. While still a young munchkin, I first appeared under the spotlight on my skates as a flying monkey, emerald city girl and poppy flower in the outdoor theater production of the Wizard of Oz on roller skates.
By my teenybopper years, I was putting dimes in the jukebox and serving up homemade root beer on 8-wheels at the local drive-in. Combined with a deep-seeded aggression that grew from years of daily WWF-style wrestling against my three older sisters – I was waiting for my calling.

I heard the sirens a decade later when I landed in Seattle and found myself sitting on the cold concrete floor inside of an airplane hanger at Magnuson Park. Girls in tights with thematic flair rolled by with confidence, grace and fire in their eyes. Defying standards and doing so physically, yet gracefully was where my heart found its match on the track.

I started training for the game in 2009 with Seattle’s Potential Fresh Meat practice league, and made it on my first team in 2010, the Marauding Mollys of the Dockyard Derby Dames in Tacoma. Our team went from the bottom of ship to the top of the helm in two years and my heart swelled with our team’s trust, respect and camaraderie. But, I pushed onward toward my dream of skating for Rat City. Today, I am honored to “Smash the State, While Learning to Skate” as a member of the Derby Liberation Front.

Birthdate: June 16th

Position: Blocker

Injuries: Humble beginnings, bruised ego and a strained PCL

Awards: Gnarliest Fall – Knocktoberfest 2010
Banked Track MVP – December 2011
Defensive MVP – Big O 2012

Hometown: Cheesetown, IN

Profession: Non-Profit Fundraising & Public Relations

Previous Sports: Basketball, Mountaineering, Cycling

Favorite Movie: Roll Bounce

Get Pumped-Up Song: Why can’t we be friends – WAR