Alumnae, Retired, and Departed

D’evil’d Meggs

#88 D’evil’D Meggs

Rat City Rollergirl


Derby History: 3 1/2 years total; 2 years with Paradise Roller Girls & 1 1/2 years with RCRG.Birthdate: October 17

Position: Jammer, sometimes blocker

Injuries: Broken fingers, broken wrist, injured PCL

Awards: MVP Grave Danger vs Sockit Wenches February 2013

Hometown: Davis/Woodland, CA

Profession: Receptionist

Previous Sports: Competitive soccer

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Get Pumped-Up Song: Bullet and the Bullseye by The Distillers

Favorite bout day meal: RICE+SPAM+EGG+GRAVY=Spam Loco.