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Loco Chanel

#37 Loco Chanel

Rat City Rollergirl

Sociopathic is the new black.

Derby History: Joined Rat City in December 2010 (starting my 4th Season in 2014!) after 5 years playing in Chicago (3 yrs with the Windy City Rollers and 2 yrs with the now-defunct Chi-Town Sirens). I remember when the world was East and West, poodling was a “thing”, refs holding hands meant that something special was about to happen, and textcasts were new and fresh. I’ve also served on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association from December 2008 – May 2013Birthdate: March 17

Position: Blocker

Injuries: Nothing that wasn’t made better by just rubbing some dirt in it

Awards: Four seasons of Championship Teams (so far…)– 3 with Grave Danger, 1 with WCR’s Hell’s Belles. Being a team player has never let me down and being able to share in the work on these teams is more important than any individual award I’ve been given.

Hometown: Nutley, NJ

Previous Sports: I rowed for 8 years in high school and through college (D1). Drawn to sports of asymmetry, except now with hitting people and occasional depantsing.

Favorite Movie: Mean Girls, Clueless, The Breakfast Club. Sucker for teen movies that stand the test of time…

Get Pumped-Up Song: Not really a fighter… Marie Laforet’s “Marie Doceur/ Marie Colere” is kind of my jam tho