Alumnae, Retired, and Departed

Nehi Nightmare

#4’8″ Nehi Nightmare


“Quitting is NEVER an option”

Derby History: Tried out for Rat City on three different occasions and was finally drafted onto the RAT LAB in 2011. Was drafted onto Grave Danger in Sept 2011 and have been here ever since

Birthdate: October 27th (scorpios HOLLA)

Position: I will take what ever spot I can get on the track, but I am known to be fierce with the star on my helmet.

Injuries: Nothing that has kept me off my skates for to long (knock on wood)

Awards: 2012 rookie of the year. 4 MVP’s

Hometown: Long story short I am a Navy Brat so when you ask me my hometown I could list off several places. I was raised mostly in Okinawa, Japan and Oak Harbor, WA!!

Profession: Pharmacy Assistant

Previous Sports: Softball (shortstop and pitcher), basketball (point guard)

Favorite Movie: I can’t list just one!!!

Get Pumped-Up Song: I don’t really have a fight song but I do have to listen to EMINEM on game day