Alumnae, Retired, and Departed

Nikole Plated

Nikole Plated, #.45
Grave Danger
Joined in season 6

Nikole PlatedHeight: Classified

Favorite Position: Blocker…I like to hit people.

Likes: Grave Danger! Guns, Zombies, Hard Hits, Disguises, and Trouble.

Dislikes: Cupcakes, Damp Clothes, Spaceships, Rules Zealous Military Groups, and Whiners.

Injuries: Shoulder separation but other than that nothing too serious.

Motto: N/A

Favorite Music: N/A

Favorite Drink: Vodac Soda and Lime (or anything with Tequila!)

Awards: N/A

Bio: Nikole Plated is the illegitimate love child of a tryst between a KGB agent, Ursula Beurton, and a CIA spy, name still classified, during the Cold War. Nikole was hidden successfully from both of the governments until the end of the cold war through a combination of espionage techniques only the best of the CIA and KGB could produce. Even though the cold war ended in 1991 Nikole has been incognito mastering the arts of gunmanship and rollerskating until becoming the best gunfighter on eight wheels. Nikole abandoned the world of covert espionage, took the surname Plated due to her preference for chrome finishes on her Twin Tokarev 7.62×25 handguns and rolled onto the flat track as a member of Grave Danger in 2010.