Alumnae, Retired, and Departed

Shorty Ounce

#14 Shorty Ounce

Rat City Rollergirl

╩║Big things come in small packages╩║

Derby History: Skating for Rat City since 2009. GD Captain for 2012-2013 Season and All Star Team Captain for 2013 Season. Skated with Team Legit. Coaches with Getsome Athletics.Birthdate: NovemberPosition: Blocker

Injuries: Broken paw, torn shoulder, and messed up knees. Just like every derby player right?!

Awards: Rookie of the year for RCRG 2010, All Star Rookie of the Year 2011, Defensive Player of the Year 2012. MVP GD vs. Breakneck Betties 2011, MVP All Stars vs. Gotham.

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Profession: Accountant

Previous Sports: Drill team, that counts right?

Favorite Movie: not a movie but I love Anjelah Johnson’s stand ups

Get Pumped-Up Song: “On to the Next One” Jay-Z or Taylor Swift “22” :)