Alumnae, Retired, and Departed


#52 unshine

Rat City Rollergirl

More Than Meets the Black Eye.

Derby History: Started as a new skater in 2007 with neighboring league Jet City Rollergirls and transferred to Rat City in 2012.Birthdate: August 2

Position: Utility Player

Injuries: Completely torn R PCL, two concussions, herniated discs, intra-articular fracture of R distal radius, torn R thumb extensor tendon

Awards: MVP Hungry Hungry Hippocrates v Overbeaters Anonymous Aug 2013

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL

Profession: Librarian

Previous Sports: Skiing, swimming

Favorite Movie: I admire too many to choose only one

Get Pumped-Up Song: Don’t have one. I listen to old & new Hip Hop and maybe some metal on game days.

Favorite Quote: ╩║The more you say, the less people remember╩║