Rawkhell SqWelch

#761 Rawkhell SqWelch

Rat City Rollergirl

“Be the change you wish to see” -Mahatma Gandhi

Derby History: PFM, RCRG Sockit Wenches drafted May 2012

Birthdate: 5/14/77

Position: Jammer

Injuries: Broken arm, concussion, fractured larynx, bursitis

Awards: MVP 2013 Rain of Terror; MVP July 2013 RoT v Sac City Rollers; MVP June 2013 RoT v Port Scandalous Co-Ed; MVP March 2013 SW v Grave Danger; MVP Feb 2013 SW v Northwest Derby Company

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Profession: Nurse

Previous Sports: soccer, triathalon

Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

Get Pumped-Up Song: Kiss with a Fist by Florence and the Machine