Shovey Chase

Shovey Chase, # -30-
Sockit Wenches
Joined in October of 2005

sw-shovey-chase2Height: 67.5 inches

Favorite Position: Like I’d tell you.

Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s Pivot.

Likes: Travel, sports, movies, music, and reading. Also loves Sockit Wenches, avocados, clean laundry, sushi, refreshing beverages, sunny days, road trips, spontaneous musical numbers, barbecues, front porches, flibberdigibbits, and toast.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, poodles, green and yellow Skittles, small talk, parking tickets, mom jeans, the carpet at casinos, and mean people.

Injuries: Head to toe: Bruised jaw, bruised nose, loose teeth, whiplash, ruptured bursa sac and severe nerve damage in right elbow, psoas spasms, IT bands like tightropes, partial meniscus tear, PCL strain, shin pot holes galore, two sprained ankles, and a partridge in a pear tree once fell and hit me in the head.

Motto: When push comes to Shovey.

Favorite Music: The thumpy squeak of the opposing jammer hitting the floor.

Favorite Drink: I’m open to most beverages, especially if they’re free.

Awards: 2007-08 Sockit Wench Co-Captain
2007 Sockit Wench Best Blocker
2008 November Rollergirl of the Month

Bio: Shovey Chase has been winning and bruising with the Sockit Wenches since 2005. Though she grew up playing all kinds of sports — mainly softball, basketball, volleyball, and pious abstinence — she thinks roller derby is the most fun, challenging, stressful, and stress-relieving sport of them all.

She was one of the main organizers of last fall’s first-ever Makin’ Bacon Derby Camp as well as Northwest Knockdown, the 2008 WFTDA National Championship co-hosted by the Rat City Rollergirls in Portland.