Sun Shiner

#36 Sun Shiner


More Than Meets the Black Eye.

Derby History: On September 16th 2010 I saw a bumper sticker that caught my eye. It was the Rat City Rollergirls loco. So while browsing the web site about this thing called roller derby I noticed that tryouts were September 18th. It looks pretty interesting so I figured what the heck and rented a pair of skate from a out door skate and surf shop on Alki the day of tryouts. I had no idea what I was getting into but that is how it all started.I started skating with the Rat Lab (Rat City’s new skater training program) where I learned the fundamentals of how to skate as well as the rules of how to play. It was a rough start but things finally clicks.

Eight months later on May 29th 2011, I was drafted to my new home team, the Sockit Wenches where my skills have improved even more as well as my love for the sport.

April 11th 2012 I tried out for the Rat City All Star training program and was invited along with 34 other league mates to form to new All Star Program. We were divided into A and B teams and I proudly my first travel team season with the B team, other wise known as Reign of Terror.

I have since continues to skate with the Sockit Wenches in the home season and with the All-Star Program during the travel team season and look forward to many more seasons to come.


Position: Mainly Blocker

Injuries: Sprained shoulder in 2013


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Profession: Accounting

Previous Sports: Precision Drill Team, High school gymnastics

Favorite Movie:

Get Pumped-Up Song: “Bodies” by Drowning Pool