Vex Factor

Vex Factor, #se7en
Throttle Rockets
Joined in 2012

Height: 5’11”, but 6’4” in my heels. And there are ALWAYS heels.

Favorite Position: First.

Likes: Cherries. Nissans (any). Purple. OkCupid. Gadgets. The Jackass movies. Singing. Performing. People with great big laughs. Halloween. My mom’s lasagna. Road trips. Being organized. Video games. Being Jamaican. Good bass lines. Driving fast. A challenge.

Disikes: Subaru drivers. Indecisiveness. Drama queens. People who make mouth sounds when they eat. Being micromanaged. Rudeness. Those who are intimidated by me. Rats and mice, Tennessee opossums, large roaches, small towns in the middle of nowhere, people flying the Confederate flag.

Injuries: Torn UCL on my left thumb, chip fracture on my right thumb, patella tracking badness on both knees, sprained MCL on the right knee, the forever groin sprain, occasional whiplash when I see someone hot…

Motto: “No tea for the feeble, no crepe for the dead.”—Charles Hamilton Houston

Favorite Music: Hip Hop (old and new school), R&B, Country, Jazz, Trance, Dubstep, 80′s-90′s Hair Metal, and Norwegian Black Metal. Yes, I said Norwegian Black Metal.

Favorite Drink: Bailey’s with Caramel, Mike’s Hard Cranberry, Vodka Cranberry with Belvedere, MaiTais, Raspberry Iced Tea. Oh, you wanted me to pick just one?

Awards: N/A